Addressing World Hunger...One EarthTainer at a Time
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The EarthTainerTM Project is intended to bring sustainable, organic gardening to both rural and urban gardeners worldwide with a 100% self-contained eco-system design that does not waste water.  The closed-loop watering system concentrates all of the water to the plant - and not to weed production nor run-off.  Water reduction of up to 75% can be achieved.

The EarthTainer is not a "Product" - - there are none for sale.  Rather, it is a "design concept" that is made available as "Freeware" for your private use and enjoyment.  Just remember to please make a donation to the Feeding America Organization if this design does bring you happiness.


(Click on the "In The News" Tab for links to the EarthTainer Construction Guide Revision 3.9 updated May 15, 2014, with removable cage system)

Also available is the new InnTainer Construction Guide Revision 1.2 published Feb. 14, 2012 for indoor plant cultivation.

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